Hello World! The Eyezlab manifesto

Hi, I’m Bibiana, Artistic Director and co-founder of Eyezlab.

I would like to share in this first Eyezlab blog post the reason why we are making Eyezlab.

Product designers are, basically, problem solvers that identify a wrong and solve it with an object (with the 20th century approach), or with a combination of objects and network-based services (under the 21st century approach). But in doing this, we take into consideration a critical aspect of that object or system: its interaction with people, in all our aspects, from our physical condition to the emotions and psychology our “object” will bring about. What will happen to this expertise when anyone, directly at home, can “design” and manufacture objects with a 3D printer? Will these products be safe, and meet all the requirements they need to meet to properly interact with a person?

We asked ourselves this question and the answer we devised is simple: we cannot stop technological progress, and so, we designers are called to evolve. This is our mission at Eyezlab: to simplify to our customers the access to 3D printing technology and its advantages, like manufacturing unique products.

We call this role Meta-Design. We define it as the integration of product design into a user-led design framework. For instance, the Eyezlab app provides our customers the ability to create unique, fully customisable glasses. But we cannot ask our customers to guarantee that the frames they design are safe or that they will properly hold a pair of lenses. It is our job at Eyezlab to build the framework that guarantees the product’s safety and technical feasibility, and to empower our customers by providing the tools they need to get the most of these exciting new technology. We think that Meta-Design is an exciting extension of the product design expertise. Besides product design, meta-design can well encompass, for example, architectural design, textile design, etc.

We’re really excited to share this approach, in the form of the Eyezlab app, in the hands of our customers. We can only expect that you will do awesome eyewear with it.

If you share this view or want to tell us something about it, feel free to contact us, or share this blog post.